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RHUL BEARS Merchandise - now online!

All ye alumni who just can't let go of the old roaring glory days in the RHUL BEARS teams, rejoice! If you've missed to get your alumni kit, or want a second one to snuggle up with in the late
hours of the night...well, you're one lucky nostalgic, champ!

RHUL BEARS Basketball merch is now available online. No fuss, no mess, no complicated procedures: simply click the link below to access the online store and start ordering. Of course you can also add numbers/names to the kit as desired!

The yellow brick road to happiness lies a mere click away...:

Happy shopping, basketball nerds!

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BUCS Champions 2012/13!

They did it! RHUL Lady BEARS travelled late Monday night to Kingston University to encounter the kitty-cat Kingston Cougars one last time in an epic battle for the top of the BUCS 2A league. The prize is quite simply the extraordinary feat of a ride up the elevator to the golden halls of BUCS 1A. And that's precisely what the Lady BEARS held in their jaws at the end of the 40 minutes!

BUCS Champions 2012/13 are RHUL BEARS Basketball!

Here's what Coach Green has to say about the game:

I'm so proud of the girls. They have worked very hard this season and the win last night and promotion is exactly what they deserve! It was a fantastic team performance, showing why they are worthy of the 'Performance Package of the Year' title! With players showing great composure and poise down the stretch to secure the win, particularly Julia [Garca Aranha]. And fantastic defensive efforts from Alice [Assenza] and Clarissa [Pryce] with 7 steals each, to Natalie [Fostar] with a lot of blocks! The girls have been a pleasure to coach this season and I'm very proud of them for making promotion to 1A. Truly deserved!
                                              Tasha Green

41-46 means top placement for the ladies and a great end to a great season! Undefeated in BUCS, they now take the step up next year to join the finer ranks of 1A. Watch this space for a summary of how the Lady BEARS did overall.

Congratulations, ladies! They also send a huge thanks to those who came to support them in kitty-cat-kingdom.

Jo S.

Boys, Boys, Boys!

It has been relatively quiet on the boys' side lately, but silence shall now be broken! Our RHUL BEARS Men have finished the season 2012/13 - and finished on a positive note, despite two losses.

In the final game of BUCS 2A the boys unfortunately fell short away against Roehampton University with 54-51 after a dazzling half-court shot on the buzzer mere milliseconds too late to tie the game.

RHUL had to see themselves defeated and ended up in place 5 out of 6 in the league, just above Roehampton on score difference. However, hope is yet breathing, if ever so slightly. Depending on how many teams go up from 3A, it is still a possibility for the BEARS to stay in the league. To be continued on that one...

To better news!

LUSL Cup works in mysterious ways. And last week the RHUL BEARS Men found themselves in nothing less but the FINAL! Queen Mary's University stood as opposition and the boys knew what possibly awaited. Facing a full-court press from the first minute, the guys still managed to break through QMUL's strong fortress with merely 7 players kitted up. The final score of 112-50 (?) is not the prettiest this season, but nevertheless, it meant that the RHUL BEARS Men's 1st team won the silver medal in LUSL CUP!

In the overall league, RHUL ended up place 5 out of 8 in the LUSL league.

Congratulations on a silver linings ending to a long season, guys! Next year has promise in sight: returning Stefano Marmo as well as most of this year's team staying on to build and bond and create something stronger and more cohesive to storm towards new successes! Good luck!

Jo S.

Colours Ball: Aftermath

Beautiful ladies, suited-up gents, a 3-course meal with flowing wine, and plenty of awards! Saturday's Colours Ball was a great success for the RHUL Basketball club.

First of all, here are the basketball winners:

Crest Award: Tracey Ruenes, Ruby Niklasinski
Half Colours: Julia Graca Aranha, Natalie Fostar, Alice Assenza
Full Colours: Levke Rickmers

Huge congratulations to all RHUL Basketball winners!

Once the food was gobbled down, wine bottles emptied and all medals handed out across the room, it was time for the party. There were rumours of a magician, but he must have gotten lost in his hat while looking for the rabbit. Anyhow, as a picture sometimes speaks louder than words, I'll simply let a collection of snap shots from the evening do the gossiping. Just press play, sit back and relax.


Thanks to RHUL Sports and all other clubs and teams for another great Colours Ball! Also thanks to Alice, Julia and Natalie for supplying photos.

Jo S.

Silver Linings BEAR(S)book

BUCS Cup final. University of East London on the opposite side of the court. Never before put against each other, expectations were high on both sides and the fixture attracted more supporters than ever before this season!

As starting players got into foul trouble early on the subs became all the more important, and RHUL really showed its team spirit and breadth. Karen Fernandez de Lara came in and played some excellent defence against a quick UEL, where Karen 'sonicked' between players, stealing the ball and making life very difficult for the ball handlers. And Chloe Tetu, towering over the relatively small Londoners, played a crucial part inside the key for rebounding and scoring on these second chances.

With Julia Graรงa Aranha leading from the point most of the game, the ladies soon found that inside was the answer and made use of Natalie Fostar and Chloe to lob the ball into the key and so sneakily trick and punish a cheating UEL post play defence. It was a tight game all the way through and as the second half started, the RHUL Lady BEARS really showed willpower and managed to stop UEL over and over, until time ran out and the score was an even 55-55. Over-time.

At the end of the extra time, UEL stood victorious with 61-66 on the scoreboard and it really came down to the last minute, where UEL slowly edged ahead through foul shots.

Nevertheless, the Lady BEARS won the silver medal this Wednesday, and could leave the sports hall with their heads held high after a well fought battle. Coach Green expressed how proud she was of her girls afterwards and commended the team for showing "great heart" and for an "amazing performance" where they refused to give up even in the hardest of times.

Besides, there's a whole lot more at stake to look forward to! That Kingston game that mysteriously went up in smoke has been rescheduled. Sadly for all the BEARS supporters (who are of course still welcome to join!) it's away, this Monday, March 18 at 8pm. Even if you can't be there, please do send some good vibes to the ladies this evening so that they can conclude the season with a great ol' league win!

As always - huge thanks to all the supporters who came down to Nobles yesterday. Good to see the sidelines jam-packed!

Jo S.

Colours Ball Nominations!

This Saturday presents the biggest sports night of the year at Royal Holloway: Colours Ball! Dressed to the teeth in fabulous gowns and suits and pure Hollywood glam, the student athletes gather at the Heathrow Hotel for a night in high style to celebrate the past achievements of the year, and those who gave their all to their individual sports. Despite most of it oftentimes not being remembered the next day, this wonderful night is an event not to be missed for anyone involved in a sports club. It is the Oscars of RHUL Sports, if you like.

Nominations are now out, and basketball has several hopes in there!

The nominees from RHUL BEARS Basketball are:

Crest award: Julia Graca Aranha, Lisa Krauss, Tracey Ruenes

Half Colours: Alice Assenza, Julia Duque (aka Graca Aranha), Natalie Fostar

Full Colours: Levke Rickmers

Plus of course the prestigious title of Team of the Year, which will be announced on the night.

All nominees are very deservedly on that list, and all we can do now is cross our fingers and toes for the awards to rain BEARS' way! So slam on that penguin tux, polish your bow-tie, peel on the viva la diva- dress, for Colours Ball is around the corner! Click HERE for the full list of nominees!

Jo S.